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Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Almost weekend again

Here it is Thursday and another weekend just about here. Woo Hoo LOL Sitting here waiting on my credit card machine to come in so can learn it and play with it and hopefully use it quickly. Well I know one thing if your dying I wouldn't wait on Etsy. 2 days now and they never answered my questions. I asked artfire 3 questions in less than a day and was answered promptly and whats nice if have problem and call their customer support number. You get a live person, which was very nice and impressed me. Need help and you get it. I'm done bashing and on to new things.

Started work on my zodiac amulets and a couple of bigger boxes. They will be nice when I get them finished. A cool day in my shop so had radio a going, bee bopping with the music and actually stayed warm.

Well I'm off to have fun and enjoy the afternoon. Have fun and have a great day

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