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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Posts like this make it worth while

Had a person write this to me about my products. It's words like this that make it all the worth while.. ~Greetings~ I just wanted to say "Hello" and express how I Love Your Art!!! I find much pleasure in handmade items and original pieces or art......I find each piece has it's own story and energy. I am disabled, so limited on spending.....As soon as I make a lil' cash, I will be buying some of your pieces. "Thank You" for sharing!!!! ~~Peace

More products and more

Been out working in the shop and the chips are flying. Have made some new pens out of pear wood and cedar. New line of bullet casing pens and also some ney key chains with a hidden compartment built in. The products made from pear wood are going to be a limited making since only have so much of it. So if want something unique and a once in a life time item. Now is the time to get it or a special order before I run out.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Good News... Whispering Woods is now offering free shipping Domestically and reduced shipping prices Internationally. Also a lot of new products coming online also. Been making a large assortment of bowls in various styles and sizes. Also some great wood I have been using that have unique colors and markings. Pictures don't do justice, you have to see them in person to adore the colors and markings in the wood. Now using cedar, pear, mesquite and some other locally gathered wood. Reminents of the fires and drought we have had lately. All wood is reclaimed and no live trees are harmed or used by me. Some new pendants also coming with some creative ideas. New wine racks as well as spice racks and bookshelfs or knick knack shelves coming out also. All from reclaimed pallets. So being very Eco-friendly and re-using what is given to me. Have a great day and don't forget to check out my websites either my etsy, artfire, goodsmiths and now also online at: http://www.eartisans.net/collections/whispering-woods