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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Another Day

Well its Wednesday, and today was a little better than yesterday. Did make a few things today. Made a wood base and a tree limb combo that I mounted my stone owl to. Came out very well and made another wood base to mount my stone elephant to. Both look neat and different.

Sorry to all who came by my shop yesterday to browse and shop and found nothing there. I was deactivated by etsy due to someone turning me in for inappropriate items. So without asking me to remove or change said item or items, they whacked me off. No defense or chance to remove or make changes, they just cut you off.. I'm back now for how long I don't know. It seemed to take me out of the roll I was on. Sells were just starting to come around. Oh well, back to square one. Also you won't find me in chat rooms anymore, so you can convo me or email or post here.

I also have coming in on thursday a credit card machine that works of my phone for when I go to craft fairs. So will be able to take credit cards now. If any one wants to purchase anything from me. I have for sell all new items.. zippo lighters, knives, swords, books, candles, statues of various types, stones and more. So can take orders by phone too. Thats it for now.. Have a great evening all

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