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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Wands

Added some new wands last night, 2 that are unique and different. Found out after removing the bark that insects had eaten grooves and designs all through the wood. Giving each a unique look and design. Came out very well, pictures don't do justice to these. Have to see them in person. Working on better pictures, since moving to new place the lighting is just not right. So bear with me as I try different things to improve my pics. Also got to find the right setup for my backgrounds as i lost use of what I was using.

Also added was my first amulet made out of Ebony wood, you can feel the extra power that wood gives.

Have a great day and a safe and joyful holiday. Merry Meet and Blessed Be

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  1. These are gorgeous - I love the patterns from the bugs lunching! The double-tipped one is my fave.